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Writer's Block: The nickname game

Which nicknames have you given to your friends, and why? Have they embraced them?

I love nicknames! My favorite has to be "Potato" for slyphox. I call raspberryroo Boo-berry, reimeerkat is Brookers, gerret_t_ferret is Ger-Bear, and I've been calling chorca Chorca-Dorka for years now.

Hell, in college my friends and I all called each other our favorite X-men's names. I was Rogue, and Darrin my BFF was Storm, Justin was Gambit, Nick was Jean, etc. Those were good days!

I don't know if they embrace them, but they have to live with them regardless! >:]

Latex Questions!

So. I want to do some casting of latex and maybe plastic for some suit making purposes. (think noses, horns, hooves, etc). I've been reading a lot about such a process, and it's starting to make sense, but it seems EVERYWHERE claims their products are the best for making molds, latex, expanding foam, etc.

What do you guys use? I'm leaning towards Monster Makers ( http://www.monstermakers.com/ ) RD-407 stuff for latex, but is their specialty mold and clay really worth it? I see a lot of people online just use higher end sculpey and plaster from any old craft store.

Thanks for the help, folks!

Puppy Partial for Sale!

Hey all! Recently I learned my cat needs surgery on his teeth, so in order to help with the costs, I've made this puppy partial to sell. He was made in the last week so is completely new and has only been worn for the pictures. All the information is listed in the auction. Please stop by and take a look.

Also, I can offer custom feet and a body for extra costs if the winner would like! Have a partial or even a full suit without the wait!

Auction Link: http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1021370.html

More Pictures: http://pics.livejournal.com/sophiecabra/gallery/0000q6k9

Please help spread the word! Thanks!

xposted to fursuitauctions

New Character Time!

Talking to Rei and a few others, and I've finally decided to go ahead and make a character I've been thinking of for a while now. I fell in love with the bongo antelopes at Disney while staying there, and I wanted to make a character. I think it'd make a pretty awesome suit one day...

Anyways. Her name is Fahari. She's a dyke-ish sort of character who is more shy and gentle than my typical character. If Waji is my bitter, sarcastic, grumpy side, then Fahari is my more calm and sweet side.

BUT! I need to figure out a design of her. Here are my current thoughts..

Character Design Pics and Info Under the CutCollapse )

Poll #1664110 Bongo Ideas

Which Version Do You Like?

Number One
Number Two
Number Three
None of the Above

Please comment with what you like / don't like / etc... thanks!

Friend's List Cleanup!

Hey guys! Fair warning that I will be doing an LJ friends list sweep. I'll be removing inactive journals, people I don't really know, as well people who I just don't really talk to much anymore.

Nothing personal, I just have learned how ruthless people can be here on the internet (about time, eh?) and I'd rather keep my journal a little more controlled and personal. HOWEVER! All art related posts will be public, so if you want to keep watching me, that's just fine. :)

Comment here if you don't want to be removed! Not everyone on my lists have to comment to stay, but some people are on the fence and I don't know if they read this journal anymore.


TONS or furs for sale!

Cleaning out my inventory before I move and I have a ton of furs for sale. They're discounted prices, I just need them out!

Below I have several pictures (not the best quality pics, sorry!) as well as descriptions of their sizes. Several have been cut from, but I'm giving the best estimate of size as well as pictures for reference.

Please note that prices do NOT include shipping. Please provide me what fur you want and your zip and I will give you a price for shipping. Also, there is no holding furs, sorry. Please have payment ready. I will give you my paypal once you claim your fur (and I will be adding paypal fees in your quote)

Lots of furs under the cut...Collapse )

Random Stuff for SALE!

Under the cut there are books (art mostly), plush toys, collectible figurines, and mooore.

Stuff for SALE!Collapse )

That's all for now! Tonight there will be lots of fur and some more random stuff posted.


For Those Not on my Twitter:

In one single day I managed to hit up three Goodwill's and put together this:

Note: Hair is not done up in a Roxy-do and the belt had not yet been finished.

Dragon*Con... there is one bi-furious evil ex coming your way. PERFECT TIMING! :D

S'mah Boirthday soon.

So. It's a bit of a short notice, but people have been pestering my over my birthday. (August 18th) This year is the ol' 24, and I'm dreading it massively. I know lots of you on here will scoff, but 24 seems old to me. That's mid-20s. I like my early-20s. I would like to STAY in my early 20s. Fuck you, 24. Fuuuuck you. (I realize in ten years if I read this entry that I will laugh and call myself stupid. Yes, older me. I know. And you're still a jackass even ten years in the future. Stop laughing!)

ANYWAYS. If anyone has an inkling to get me something, here is my Amazon wishlist:


Lots of random crap on there, from under $10 to some more expensive items. If nothing on there strikes your fancy I also dearly love giftcards. Best Buy, MovieStop, GameStop, Khols, Amazon, Regal Theaters, etc. And RUM. I am a sucker for really different/nice/good rums. So a bottle of the ol' pirate brew is always welcome.

ALSO. Well wishes work just as well as gifts. :)



FWA was a great con. It always been. It's excellently run (my theory on this is that the staff actually *GASP* listen to the con goers and make efforts to change and try new things!). The only thing I was pretty sad about was the lack of the traditional chocolate fondue night, but I am more than sure there was a good reason that it wasn't happening this year. Anyways, Favorite Con is my Favorite, it goes without saying.

Suited in Tartuffe, celebrated my feline-sista's birthday, and all in all had an amazing time. Now, granted, sales were pitiful to none at this con. I didn't make all weekend what I usually make in a day at other cons. I guess the rough economy has finally hit furry cons. I can't fault FWA for that at all. That said, now it's looking like I'll have to do a short stint in FCN's alley so I can really afford to have enough food and art money. I hope not, I was hoping for FCN to be a total relax (and panel hosting) con!

Oh, the first ever SCC photoshoot went well! 5 suits total, with the 6th at the con not being there. Pretty good stuff!

Anyways... FWA was awesome. You should all try it some day. In fact next year some pretty awesome GOHs will be there. SO GO IN 2011, BITCHES.

Catch you guys at FCN!